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Sustainability Miner & Tagger

Our sustainability data miner & tagger harnesses the might of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to effortlessly tag your data files with sustainability terms and taxonomies of your choice.
📦 Key Features:
  • Customized Tagging: Tailor your data tagging with GDH's extensive sustainability lexicons.
  • NLP Magic: Leverage advanced NLP algorithms for precise tagging, making your data analysis smarter and faster.
  • Open-Source Excellence: Benefit from open-source pre-trained models, including an LLM-powered Sustainability Tool.
  • Decision Support: Our Q&A tool, powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation and vector databases, helps you extract actionable insights from your data, empowering better decision-making.
Get ready to unlock the full potential of your sustainability data. Stay tuned for the V1 release coming soon. Good Data Hub is your partner in deciphering sustainability insights. 🌱📊 #Sustainability #DataScience #NLP #OpenSource #DecisionSupport