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Installing #Taxonomy4Good from Github

The first open source sustainability lexicon #Taxonomy4Good

🌱📚 Unleash the power of sustainability data with Taxonomy4Good, our innovative sustainability lexicon. This repository is your gateway to a world of customisable taxonomies, enabling you to dive deep into the realm of sustainable insights.
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What are Taxonomies? A Taxonomy is a classification tool or system meant to help investors and companies to make informed investment decisions on sustainable economic activities. It aims at establishing market clarity on what is robustly and consensually “sustainable” when it comes to environmental or social issues.
Use Cases
  1. 1.
    ML and Topic Modelling
  • Can be utilized in Natural Language Processing and hierarchical topic modeling for creating methods to organize, understand and summarize large collections of textual information.
  1. 2.
    Creating and refining Lists of words around impact and sustainability
  • Adding of words to the master taxonomies or updating current taxonomies that can be used for topic modeling around sustainability and NLP.
  1. 3.
    Creating custom taxonomies
  • Create new taxonomies that can be adopted by the open source community and inspire new topic models, reporting standards and other sustainability NLP tasks.
  1. 4.
    Scoring and search terms from pre-existing API’s
  • Use the provided taxonomies, or create new ones, to connect with your existing sustainability scoring model.
  • Search for similar sustainability words/expressions, taxonomies, and even variations of lexicons that preexist in the library to query from different APIs Download for free on Github

You can install sustainability lexicon using the following command:

pip install taxonomy4good