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Sustainability Data Insights from Unstructured Text.
Join the thousands of data scientists working together to simplify sustainability data
Why do we care?
Often, insights derived from unstructured data can complement the information obtained from structured data reports. Since structured corporate and government ESG/sustainability data is reported infrequently, it acts as a lagging indicator. This project aims to address this issue by providing a way to understand sustainability initiatives and actions at a higher cadence What is our open source goal?
Our project is driven by the goal of reducing the barriers associated with accessing and processing sustainability data. We are committed to developing tools that enhance the efficiency and practicality of working with such data
"A good job to us is when we get a messege that tells us how much time or money we've saved someone in our community in getting insights from their data"
— Emily Luskind - Chief Research & Development Officer
"The conscious consumer is the investor of the future. We wake up and think of ways to make sure the right data speaks to that consumer"
— Zwelakhe Gila - Chief Executive Officer
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